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14/03/28 - Present

RErPeEpAeTatRrEePpEeAaTtrReEpPeEaAtTreRpEePaEtAT takes influences from Anne Teresa De Keermaeker's 'Fase, Four Movements to the Music Of Steve Reich' as well as Andrea Božić's 'After Trio A', to experiment with phasing, through my untrained body, creating something new from repetition. A short movement sequence is learnt on the spot and then through my repeated failures a new sequence is created. 

Performed as a work in progress at the Others Space on 14/03/28 as part of 'On Futures: A Performance Symposium' by Continuum Collective. 


Through this process I also experiemented with the work of Steve Reich, creating phasing sound to compliment the movement I would be performing.